Kimberley Reeman

KIMBERLEY JORDAN REEMAN was born in Toronto, Canada, and holds degrees in English literature and journalism. She worked in Canadian radio and publishing before her marriage to English author Douglas Reeman in 1985.
    The Reemans live and write in their Surrey, England, home, which is filled with flowers and music.
    Kim Reeman's debut novel, Coronach, was published on October 15, 2007. Coronach is a historical epic of the eighteenth century, spanning forty-four years and three generations, and is set in Great Britain, the Caribbean, America, and France on the eves of their respective revolutions.
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    She is also the author of a short story entitled How Sleep the Brave about the Tribal Class destroyer HMCS Haida, a veteran of the Second World War, which is presently on display in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
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    She is presently working on her second novel, which is set against the Second World War.


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Kimberley Reeman
(Photo by Fabrice Rizzato)

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