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Maritime Treasures
In their online Shop, Douglas and Kimberley Reeman are offering the fine china Richard Bolitho figurine and a limited number of specially signed fine art prints in the Bolitho Collection by English artist Geoffrey Huband.
    The Home is the Sailor Collection of fine hand-knitted throws is now available.   

In addition, a limited number of mint-condition hardcover and paperback reprints of Douglas Reeman, Alexander Kent and Kimberley Reeman novels are available from the authors.  

ENGLISH NOVELIST DOUGLAS REEMAN, a master storyteller of the sea, from the time of Nelson to the twentieth century, has been thrilling an international audience for over 50 years. Under his pen name, Alexander Kent, the former Royal Navy officer chronicles the adventures of Richard and Adam Bolitho at sea during the Age of Fighting Sail. As Douglas Reeman, he writes about naval action during the twentieth century, with a primary focus on Britain’s Royal Navy. At present, more than 34 million copies of his books are in print. This is the only official website designed for and maintained with the full cooperation of Douglas Reeman (Alexander Kent). Please explore and enjoy the faraway coves and harbours of his long and distinguished writing career.

Douglas Reeman
(Photo by Kim Reeman)

Coming in 2017
McBooks Press has announced that it will publish two new Douglas Reeman titles in its Modern Naval Fiction Library in 2017. The first title, Send a Gunboat, will be available in January, and will be followed by Winged Escort in March.
    Alexander Skutt, McBooks publisher, earlier announced the firm’s intention to offer additional titles from Douglas’s popular novels, which focus on British naval operations in the twentieth century.
    McBooks also publishes the entire Richard and Adam Bolitho series in the United States.
    Visit McBooks Press online at:

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Naval header images on the website are details taken from original cover art for the Alexander Kent novels by English marine artist Geoffrey Huband.